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Thank you for visiting our Internet site. At present, our web site is still under construction, but there is still useful information to be found!

Sound Medical Family Practice is a full-spectrum outpatient Family Medicine practice established in January 2009. Our physicians, Dr. John Rickabaugh and Dr. Karen Skarda, are assisted by Physician Assistant Meg Dolan and Family Nurse Practitioner Mary Jo O'Neal. Both doctors have been certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, and are members of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the North Carolina Medical Society.

While Sound Medical is a relatively new practice, both of our doctors have been providing care to families throughout Carteret County for over 15 years. Sound Medical is the realization of our dream to build a patient-centered family practice that our patients can truly regard as their medical home.

At Sound Medical, we provide care for acute and chronic conditions for men and women, and for children over the age of 3. While we treat medical problems of all types, we emphasize prevention and wellness as the means for our patients to maintain long-term health and happiness.

Our motto is "We Specialize In You". We chose this motto not only because it speaks to our medical specialty, but because we believe our role is to be your first and foremost healthcare resource and advocate. Your healthcare should always be focused on you as a person, not you as a collection of medical conditions.